6 Ideas For Beautiful Baths

Some people say that the bathroom is just a functional space, but the truth is that the bathroom is the place that helps you start your day fresh and revived. It’s not good to overlook that place, because you can turn it into a real spa if you have a big budget, or, at least, make it beautiful and appealing.

Here come 6 ideas that will help you get a nice aspect for your bathroom, especially if you have a very tight budget, but you still want to make the changes.

1. The Secret Lies Within the Accessories

There are many things that you can change around a bathroom that will bring style and color to it. For a new aspect, think about changing the shower curtain, the towels and the bathmat. Use a contrasting color and set them nicely on shelves to be seen easily. This will add a nice color and if you love the color, you will be amazed by the change it brings.

2. The Grout

This is just a small detail, but the truth is that if you change it, it will be visible in the whole room. You will find special tools to remove the grout in the special departments in stores, and the adequate grout to replace it. If the grout is ok, but you simply need to clean it thoroughly, just make a mix out of water and baking soda and use it on the grout. After 1o minutes of soaking, you can use a toothbrush or a small brush and clean it with circular movements. You’ll see how nicely it cleans.

3. Flowers and Plants

Adding a plant to your bathroom will improve your mood every time you enter that place. A plant will also bring life and a splash of color in the room, so you’ll have many available options to choose from, as ferns or spider plants really love the humidity from that room.

4. Art

This is something else that you can add for a nice effect. Usually people like the walls empty, but for a nice touch, you can add paintings with nature landscapes or something that you really love. If the dominant color is white in your bathroom, you can choose anything that adds contrast, even a simple black and white painting. If you add a bigger art item, you will make it the centerpiece of the room and it will catch you eyes every time.

5. Use Colors

freestanding-bathThis is something that some people fear, but a bathroom shouldn’t be only white. You can use different shades of blue or green – colors that make you think about water and nature. If you want something else, you can choose even bolder colors like red, black, or brown, simple or in combinations. Anything is acceptable, as long as it is matched with taste – if the tiles of the floor are dark blue, on the walls, you can choose a lighter shade of blue and you can even add golden touches and details.

6. Mirrors

Mirrors are used to reflect our image. However, you can use the same mirrors to create the illusion of space in a tight small room. If you have the possibility, replace the existing mirror with a bigger one. You can go to the extreme, and install a very big mirror or cover a whole wall with mirrors. The effect will be amazing, as the mirrors will visually enlarge the room.

7. Storage Space

To make more storage space, change or install new cabinets. These will be the perfect places to keep your cosmetics and toiletries, no matter if the bathroom is for a woman, for a man or for a couple. It’s known that people like to store different things in the bathroom, and you also need to have adequate space for keeping your towels and your shampoos. Choose the perfect cabinets that fit the color and the style of the room. At the end, you’ll be impressed with the result.

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